VA18 mast fall down

Ever had a mast fall down? My friend having sailed out my Dehler Varianta 18 in Stockholms archipelago in my absence recently. Something, that must never happen, happened. I couldn’t almost believe what he was telling me the other day, luckily he is a very experienced sailor who […]

If you get yourself out on the sea you never know what’s waiting there for you. If you don’t take the chance, you will never know. [Martin Strömberg, Sailor, Volvo Ocean Race] You often say “Never again”. But after a couple of days … you forget! [Thmoas Rouxel, […]

Mit dem Schiff aufs Schiff

MILVAs ursprüngliche Bestimmung war von Beginn an, auch mal bei Allsång på Skansen mitzusingen. Daher bewarben wir uns im Januar 2017 beim Eurovision Song Contest in Schweden für einen Auftritt im Stockholmer Schärengarten. Die Konkurrenz war groß. Bei anfänglichem Wartelistenplatz # 787 rückte MILVA binnen einem Jahr in […]

Buenos Aires’ unused waterways

 Wouldn’t be that the business: we bring Milva to Argentina and do kind of a Water-Uber. 2 sleeping places inside, 2 seats outside, a bigger engine? The probability to get the engine stolen in Buenos Aires might be as high as in Mannheim. So what!? 😄