Hej! You have found our bottle? Please send a message telling the story on how and where you have found it to e-mail saltkrokan< at> greenyoghurt .de. Thank you!baltic bottle - message in a bottle

The Baltic Bottle project has been started in 2011 with putting a message in an emptied bottle of Irish Whisky and thrown into the Baltic Sea near Sottunga on the Åland Islands on 11 August 2011 at position 60°4′ N / 020°55′ E.

Meanwhile other bottles are sent on its journey, hopefully gliding through the world’s seas and waiting to be found. By you!

2019-SEP-5: Bullandö Bottle

2015-JUL-17: The Channel Bottle

2014-OCT-11: The Sylt Bottle

2013-OCT-19: The Helgoland Bottle [found]

2013-MAY-1: The Starwars Bottle [found]

2013-APR-30: The Kalkgrund Bottle

2012-OCT-03: The Denmark Bottle

2011-AUG-11: The original baltic bottle

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