The time it takes to put on nail polish

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One month. And it is not really that I am so stressed with work that i cannot even finish some cosmetics on my toes to let them look like as shiny rebel blue as my company car. nailpolish-8502

I do nothing. Nothing but sleeping, checking the weather, paying harbour fees, getting a hungry stomach filled, and starting to put on nail polish. Just to make use of the things I brought with my luggage for a 12 weeks vacation using a so-called work time account.

The word itself seems to be misleading, as I bought time from a yearly bonus added to my salary to just do not what the word is expressing: work.

milva18-8802Instead, I am literally hanging around on my 18 feet measuring sail yacht, as the size of this apparently fast racing ‘mini cruiser’ does not even allow a 1.60m person to stand inside (with the sprayhood attached, it almost does), but is giving indeed more comfort than a similar sized tent for two. Especially in the occasion of rain falling. In addition to that, staying in a harbour on a boat of that size in the Netherlands is much cheaper than staying on a camp site. The most expensive marina charged 15€ per night with free parking of my car outside, while the camping close to the harbour charged 41€ for a tent, two persons and a car.

Besides the partially used nail polish, i brought with me an Ukulele, a Guitarlele, the GarageBand app on my IPad for amateur music recordings, DVDs, a race bike, my Carver longboard, 7 novels to read plus the obligatory two bibles of Belgian-Dutch waterways -the Wateralmanak, two books about sailing and one to get a better understanding about the weather. According to my efficiency in putting on nail polish, now guess the equipment I could have left at home.