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VA18 mast fall down

Ever had a mast fall down? My friend having sailed out my Dehler Varianta 18 in Stockholms archipelago in my absence recently. Something, that must never happen, happened. I couldn’t almost believe what he was telling me the other day, luckily he is a very experienced sailor who […]

If you get yourself out on the sea you never know what’s waiting there for you. If you don’t take the chance, you will never know. [Martin Strömberg, Sailor, Volvo Ocean Race] You often say “Never again”. But after a couple of days … you forget! [Thmoas Rouxel, […]

Fikabordet med Skumfidus

Die Schauspieler der dänisch-schwedischen Serie ‘Bron | Broen (Die Brücke) ‘ in einem Interview zu Sprachdifferenzen und Lieblingswörtern: Skumfidus sind Marschmallows auf dänisch, eine Sorte Slik – Süßkram, wie wikipedia weiß.  Nun verstehe ich endlich, warum wir Schwaben dazu Schleck sagen. Slik. Wie røde grøde med fløde. Fikabordet nennt man […]

Buenos Aires’ unused waterways

 Wouldn’t be that the business: we bring Milva to Argentina and do kind of a Water-Uber. 2 sleeping places inside, 2 seats outside, a bigger engine? The probability to get the engine stolen in Buenos Aires might be as high as in Mannheim. So what!? 😄