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Fikabordet med Skumfidus

Die Schauspieler der dänisch-schwedischen Serie ‘Bron | Broen (Die Brücke) ‘ in einem Interview zu Sprachdifferenzen und Lieblingswörtern:

Skumfidus sind Marschmallows auf dänisch, eine Sorte Slik – Süßkram, wie wikipedia weiß.  Nun verstehe ich endlich, warum wir Schwaben dazu Schleck sagen. Slik. Wie røde grøde med fløde.

Fikabordet nennt man das schwedische Kaffeegedeck oder Kuchenbuffet. Und nicht, was man hierzulande vielleicht ähnlich den Missverständnissen aus dem Clip “The Italian man who went to Malta” annehmen würde, was es bedeutet.

Let your sports gear speak

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Jetluck [definition]

my mother in law recently sent me some nice words upon my flight back home to Europe, wishing me not have too much trouble with the jetluck. 

Jetluck  is a sweet little syndrome of your long-distance relationship lover having driven hours to your local airport to expect you arriving at 5:30 a.m. from a longhaul flight, proposing to wash your deeply bird-shit car after having been parked for three weeks underneath trees while you are getting a daytime sleep to prevent too hard jetlag  symptoms.

My real jetlag symptoms started the third night and day after arrival, as my lover had returned back home…


Pechonality is the    il y a du monde au balcon    in Latin America. Being a combination of pechos and personality this is a nice combination to describe female features, that may also be known as ‘headlights’ or ‘Holz vor der Hütte’ in other cultures.

Aluminium Silicat in Tea powder 

Having heard quite some stories about pathological effects of aluminum to the human body I am quite astonished just having considered buying a package of instant tea of brand Tea of India containing – amongst others – non-dairy milk powder (which would perfectly support my vegan diet) and – shocking – aluminium silicate. So, while I am no longer using antiperspirants containing aluminium to put on my skin, I would  now get this substance by drinking tea into my body!? And even that not enough: tea of India is labeling that nutrition fact on their packaging, while on other products the consumers get no idea at all that tea ‘naturally’, contains/accumulates aluminium – according to several studies made on this topic: 

Is Aluminium in Tea bad for my brain? (The people’s pharmacy)

Differences in Aluminium content of various tea powders (European chemical bulletin 2012)

Aluminium content of selected foods – Springer 2011