my boat – a sensitive creature

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People who do not know that a sailboat is a living creature will never understand anything about boats and the sea.

states one of the greatest ocean voyagers Bernard Moitessier in ‘The long way’.
With the coincidence of my dinghy’s centerboard getting stuck the other day without any indication I get the sense of his statement. The boat feels my sadness and reacts. While starting a therapy sail to get my emotional landscape out of its disorder, my boat refused the centerboard to fall downwards. Now for the second time since I’m sailing this boat and being in some shitty mental state, the boat drifted away into the wrong direction, and so did I. On the river and in my mind.
Once the waves of my emotions get back into some normal state, the self-healing mechanism of my boat turn into action. The next day, sitting on the boats outer edge with my goggles on willing to dive beneath the hull, the centerboard issue solved itself 🙂