Det finns en känsla när Solen går ner
När din skugga är allt jag ser
En känsla mellan sommar och höst
När ingen bara du kan ge mig tröst


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Übersetzung in Landessprache

Geht es hier am Stockholmer Flughafen manchen mit der Internationalisierung ein Stück zu weit oder will ein Befürworter der COVID-19 Maßnahmen, wie sie außerhalb Schwedens einzuhalten und gar bei Nichtbefolgung geahndet werden, auch die nicht englisch-sprechende Minderheit von der Sinnhaftigkeit dieser Ratschläge überzeugen?

… und an die eigene Bevölkerung des Landes (falls diese das trotz zweijähriger Wiederholung vergessen haben sollten…)

Hände häufig waschen

In die Armbeuge husten und niesen

Bleib daheim wenn du krank bist

Undenkbar in Deutschland, ein Gesundheitsamt, das Verhaltensregeln auf Englisch und nicht in Landessprache herausgibt. Sprichst du noch schwedisch oder lebst du schon auf dem Flughafen?

War schöner auf der anderen Seite des Teichs. Man wird wieder angegiftet weil man sich angeblich nicht ordnungsgemäß in der Warteschlange eingereiht hat, es fehlt die Boosterimpfung um auf den Stühlen der Bäckerei Platz nehmen zu dürfen.

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The Brazilians that did not come from the jungle

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While the president of Argentina Alberto Fernandéz recently emphasized his country’s European roots by stating that the Argentinans all came with a boat from Europe, while the Mexicans came from the Indians and the people of Brazil came from the jungle – to the indignation of neighbouring countries [LA Times, June 10, 2021], I thought about it being a good idea to continue the investigations on my ancestors, more precisely the succession of my two granduncles Kurt Gaiser – who must have left Germany before World War II towards Brazil, and Herbert Gaiser, who left to Rhodesia in the 1950s.

Even though the ancestors of my new Argentinian family indeed came with boats from Europe to Argentina, it does not mean that there are no indigenous Argentinians, as well as not all Brazilians came from the jungle.

Fun posts riciculing the racially charged statement of a laughingstock of president started circulating in social media, such as the Russians then would have their origin from the Russian Salad (Y los rusos salieron de las ensaladas?) or vegans came from Las Vegas (los veganos vienen de Las Vegas?).

No wonder that today’s generation of Argentines are leaving the country with this kind of statements of a president, that is doing quite well in ruining a formerly wealthy country. So to say completing the roundtrip of their ancestors and go back to Europe.
Anyway, this blog post is not intended to comment on global politics, but to publish the results of my investigations in finding potential relatives in Brazil, thus proving that also some Brazilians once came with a boat from Europe, for instance the uncle of my father – Kurt Gaiser.

Unfortunately, my father – born 1943 in Tübingen as the son of Ruth Gaiser – never told us much about his childhood (and we can only speculate why) in the post-war time, and there are not many photos that could help my investigations, but one:

The Gaiser family from Tübingen-Lustnau in the 1920s
Backside of the photo with notes in German Kurrent script

He was not born when his uncle Kurt Gaiser (born 1910) left Germany for a better life in Brazil.
And I did not see my grandmother Ruth Gaiser (1913 – 1989) anymore after we stopped living with her in her house (Kreuzstrasse 3, Tuebingen-Lustnau) in 1983.
But the notes on the back side of the photo show in German Kurrent script the name Gaiser, a strikethrough number 89 (the year 1889 my grand-grandmother Käthe Gaiser was born?) and the address of the Gaiser family’s house in Lustnau.
The girl on the photo could be my grandmother Ruth Gaiser, the boy sitting on the fence might be the 3 years older Kurt Gaiser. The photo could have been taken in the early 1920s over the valley of the river Neckar around Tuebingen.

Grave of Käthe Gaiser in Lustnau (1889 – 1956)

My investigations after my grand-uncle Kurt Gaiser led me to the passenger list of ship Madrid, that left on 23 April 1933 to Sao Francisco do Sul in Brazil.
Kurt Gaiser aged 23 and his wife Wilhelmine Gaiser from Lustnau are on the passenger list, it matches his year of birth in 1910. However, there are many Gaiser families in Lustnau and they are not directly related to us.

Another finding – the registration certificate of foreigners in Brazil – of another Kurt Gaiser born in 1910, but dated in 1957, made me assume that my grand-grandparents are Jacob and Catharina Gaiser, which is not exactly Käthe Gaiser. And that Kurt Johannes Gaiser could be somebody different to the Kurt Gaiser and his Brazilian family I am now looking for. Someone who emigrated from Germany to Brazil much later. But finally the location Curitiba gave the hint to search for my relatives in the south of Brazil, thus finding old photos of Kurt and Wilma (definitely a nick name that could certainly be better pronounced by the locals than Wilhermine) Gaiser in Rolandia:

Registro de Estrangeiros, Brazil [found at]

Dehler Varianta VA18 Day Cruiser Sail Boat + Trailer / Built 2011 + 2015

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As living space meanwhile turned out to be too small in our beloved expedition sail boat called MILVA, a Varianta 18 (VA18) by Dehler Yachts built in 2011, we decided to sell it. The sail boat is actually a weekender or day cruiser, the perfect boat for beginners, with aftswept spreaders, that allows an uncomplicated rig without backstay and makes sailing even more simple. The VA18 pretty fast for racing, especially at downwind (run). We used it however once for a sabbatical of 2 months in the Netherlands, and equipped the 18feet boat accordingly.
The boat is currently located in Stockholm archipelago, but can be brought anywhere in Europe with its trailer, that is built especially for fitting the VA18.

The boat (hull-no. #131) is in good shape, as it has only been used for 1-2 seasons of racing, the sabbatical in 2015, and two weeks at its current Location in Sweden. MILVA VA18 was fully equipped in 2015, including gennaker kit, extra comfortable matrasses, sprayhood, main Drop system, covers and the trailer. Due to theft of the outboard engine, a new Mercury 5HP engine was acquired in 2017, but only used in 2019.


Model: Varianta 18
Manufacturer: Dehler Yachts GmbH
Category: Day Cruiser
Year of construction: 2011
Full Equipment of boat: 2015 / 2017 / 2019
Material: GRP
Rig: Sloop
Cabins / Berths : 1 / 2

Length: 5,75m
Length Waterline: 4,78
Beam: 2,40m
Draft: 1,15m standard T-shaped keel
Sails area: 21,5 sqm
Mast Length over waterline: 9,15m
Deck Stepped 7/8 fractional aluminium mast Z-Spars
Weight: 910kg (empty)

VA18 original sails:
Main sail with VA18 logo: 14,5 sqm
Headsail/ Jib 106%: 7,5 sqm + furler Furlex 50S
Gennaker (red): 29 sqm
Rectracable Aluminium gennaker pole

Sunbrella Covers (grey)
– Jib Cover
– Mainsail Cover + Main Drop System
– Sprayhood
– Frog Sails ‘Poppy’ Soft deck

Outboard Engine: Mercury F5 MLH Sailpower 5 HP (2017)

Outboard bracket, Swim Ladder, bow fender, 4 fenders, mooring lines with Shock absorber, boat hook, anchor with chain, 2 paddles, storage bags and boxes inside

Original VA18 red colored upholstery (extra comfortable, 6 pieces)

NASA Clipper Tactical Wind System
NASA Clipper Duet – combine Speed/distance log and echo sounder
Allround light Mast top white

Philippi LAE 220 Shore power connection
plug socket, 25m shore power cable, Switching Unit 12V,
CTEK battery charger, new battery (2019)

Trailer with 100 km/h approval (constructed in 2015, inspection certificate until 8/2020